Lookin’ for love


There’s a trend going on all around us: people with the desire to feel important, to feel beautiful, to feel powerful and in charge. Deep down, (whether we recognize it or not), each of us hold these emotions, subconsciously taking steps to get what we really want.

It’s important to realize that every action we take is caused by a deep-seeded emotion’s desire to be filled. This means that deep down we are in want of something, something that is very important to us. Once our minds figure out what it is, we will go to whatever extreme necessary to get it (many times resulting in difficult behavior.) Difficult behavior is almost always perpetuated from these emotional desires that we may not even realize exist.

Women aren’t argumentative with their husbands for the mere sake of arguing-women argue with their husbands because they want to be right. If they lose the argument, it means they are wrong. And if they are labeled as wrong, they might as well be stupid, no-good, worthless, and rejected. I know what you’re thinking dudes, (and I hate to break it to you), but this doesn’t just happen with women! Men act on emotions too. Men don’t buy expensive sports cars, (that they can’t afford to begin with,) for the mere sake of having never-ending car payments until the day they die. They buy expensive sports cars for the feeling of confidence and youth (along with many other reasons, I’m sure!). If they don’t get the car, they’re no longer in their prime. They can do nothing.

This may sound crazy but it’s true. We all act a certain way to fulfill some unmet emotional desire of ours.

I hope that one day we all become more aware of the emotional desires of the people around us. In the end, people just want to be loved.

Love is everywhere, it is everything.

Love will look different to each person, and not all people speak love in the same way. But we have a mission here people! And that mission is to love. To love with our lips, with our hands, and with our hearts. Let’s challenge ourselves to show our love to the world, because after all: everyone out there is just lookin’ for love.


Sunshine is waiting around the corner

When the storm clouds of life have got you down, just remember that the sun is always right around the corner : )

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