Living Consciously

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So I’ve been reading a lot lately on the idea of living consciously. This way of life is a bit foreign to us these days, where it seems as if everyone is just trying to get by and survive each day as it comes.

Many people form habits on a subconscious level (throughout their life-time) and without even realizing it, do certain things automatically, as if they are on auto-pilot at times.

This is the kind of behavior that can cause us to live less conscious lives than we could be living, and that’s what we will focus on today: the idea of conscious living.

So what does it even mean to ‘live consciously’?

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Well, here’s where I turn to my good friend Nathaniel Branden for his take on the subject, as he knows plenty more than I in this regard!

These are excerpts taken from different sections of his book The Art of Living Consciously that will give us a general view of what this might look like:

“Living consciously has its roots in respect for reality-a respect for facts and truth…living in a rational world. To live consciously, we need to develop what I call ‘a sense of reality.’ One of the meanings of living consciously is: Pay attention to what works, and do more of it, and try to understand the principles involved. And also: Pay attention to what doesn’t work, and stop doing it.”

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Personally, I like the idea of living consciously because it’s a way of life that seeks to keep us in a constant state of awareness. If we seek to live out our days this way, we’re not so easily taken by surprise.

We don’t have that moment when all of a sudden we come to realize we’ve just been ‘going through the motions’ our entire lives, and now it’s too late for a re-do. The time is gone. We cannot get it back.

Living life ‘on purpose’ is conducive to long-term growth and development, and allows you (if you so choose) to grow, and learn, and better yourself in all walks of life.

Many people think that if they were to start living consciously that living life would be too painful, that they wouldn’t be able to deal with their problems or be able to cope with the life they’ve created for themselves.

But I say nonsense.

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I say that by living consciously you will actually do yourself a favor. You will benefit yourself more in the long-run, enabling you to see where you are now in order to make the necessary changes it takes to get to where you want to be.

Live consciously, and be free.

Be aware.

Be love.

If you have any questions, ideas, or opinions you’d like to share, feel free to leave me a note on the site! And as usual, comments and feedback are always welcome : )