Perfection at its finest


Late night, moon high in the sky,

showering beams of light upon nature’s beauty.

Closed eyes,

a smile.

Stillness surrounds you, and there you find peace in solitude.

Within the forest, cool night.

Path lit by moonlight.

Everything as it should be in this moment.

Mind clear.

Tired eyes, weary flesh.

Perfection at it’s finest.

Earth holds you as you drift into dreamful sleep,

and upon waking, you owe Earth nothing.

Proud to be Crunchy!


I don’t know about you, but I love food.

Especially, good food.


That brings us to the reason we’re here today: to discuss how amazing great food can be when it’s made right from the start, and right from the heart.

And let me just start off by saying one thing: Granola ain’t granola unless it’s Portlandia Granola.



Alright. Now that we got that out in the open, let’s talk granola.

So I have this amazing friend I visit pretty regularly (more like religiously!) at the Farmer’s Market where I live in Vancouver, Washington. Her name is Paige Walker.

DSC_0004 copy 2

Paige and her beautiful family radiate positivity, so I’m always eager for my trip to market to chat with them. (And, of course, to get my weekly hugs!)

But what really excites me is their amazingly tasty, hand-made, freshly baked granola. (Oh, & did I mention it’s Vegan?!)


Paige and her husband Bill started their own granola company from scratch, in hopes of bringing to the world a filling breakfast cereal, packed with flavor, without compromising health in the process.

And folks, I’d have to say… they did one fabulous job of it too!

DSC_0006 copy 2

Here’s what they have to say about their fine specialty granola:

“We love every part of the granola we make, especially its oats toasted to perfection, lightly sweetened with lots of nuts, seeds, and fruits that you can taste.

Other granola’s just didn’t have the things we were craving, ingredients likes pecan halves, cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds, sweet & zesty cranberries and golden raisins, Organic Oats sweetened with Organic Raw Blue Agave that are just crunchy enough for you to love.

Oh and the cinnamon… don’t forget the cinnamon. We decided to let the ingredients do what they do to make a lovely buttery flavored granola with out adding any animal products, honey or soy. We truly believe the best ingredients came with the planet!”

-Bill & Paige Walker, Co-Founders.


Enough said. I’m sold on the description alone.

And how about those ingredients?! (I’m salivating just thinking about them!)


Oh, and don’t let them fool you, their kiddos are in on it too! (Word on the street is that they’re quite the experienced test-tasters!)

I’ve personally witnessed how big of a help they can be at the market! From handing out samples, to taking payment, they keep the business flowing while mom is on her well-deserved lunch break.


So why not try some for yourself?

Show my friends some love and like their Facebook page, perhaps even share their page with all of your friends too!

I thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart : )


So go on now and enjoy your Portlandia Granola…(I know I will be!)