The fear of death is not your true fear


Here is a small excerpt from a book by Osho called Fear: Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life

Since reading this page or two I’ve shared here, I have gained a much more positive and beautiful understanding about life and death. I had always been so afraid of my life ending, afraid of the unknown, death. But what I’ve learned is that there is much beauty in death–especially when you meet it with open arms, with excitement and joy.

I can’t wait to live the rest of my remaining life years and I can’t wait to see what death has in store for me as well. What an adventure we are on together! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

-Peace & Love, ❤ Brittany


Page 22:

{The fear is not of death, the fear is of time, and if you look deeply into it then you find that the fear is of unlived life–you have not been able to live. If you live, then there is no fear. If life comes to a fulfillment, there is no fear. If you have enjoyed, attained to the peaks that life can give, if your life has been an orgasmic experience, a deep poetry vibrating within you, a song, a festival, a ceremony, and you lived each moment of it to its totality, then there is no fear of time, then the fear disappears.

You are ready even if death comes today, you are ready. You have known life–in fact you will welcome death because now a new opportunity opens, a new door, a new mystery is revealed: I have lived life, now death is knocking at the door; I will jump to open the door–“Come in!” Because life I have known I would like to know you also.

That’s What happened to Socrates when he was dying. His disciples started crying and weeping–and it was natural. Socrates opened his eyes and said, “Stop! What are you doing? Why are you crying and weeping? I have lived my life, and I have lived it totally. Now death is coming and I’m enthusiastic about it! I am waiting with such great love and longing, with hope. A new door opens, life reveals a new mystery”

Somebody asked, “Are you not afraid?”

Socrates said, “I don’t see the point in being afraid of death, because in the first place I don’t know what is going to be. And secondly, there are only two possibilities: Either I will survive–then there is no question of fear. Or I will not survive–then too there is no problem of fear. If I don’t survive there is no problem–when I am not, there cannot be any problem, and if I survive as I am here, if my consciousness survives, there is no problem because I am still there.

“Problems were there in life also–I solved them, so if I am there and there are problems I will solve them–and it is always a joy to solve a problem, it gives a challenge. You take the challenge and you move into it, and when you solve it a great release of happiness happens.”

The fear of death is fear of time, and the fear of time is, deeply, the fear of unlived moments, an unlived life.

So what to do? Live more, and live more intensely. live dangerously! It is your life, don’t sacrifice it for words, theories, countries, politics. Don’t sacrifice it for anybody.”}


Me again here. Have any opinions, comments, ideas? Share your words with me below! : )
❤ B

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