Ever fear you’re going crazy?


This is an exerpt taken from a book I’m reading titled Fear: Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life.

Osho says the following as he comments on the universal fear of going crazy:

“But basically the whole humanity stands on the verge of madness. In deep therapy the fear grips the person suddenly, because he is losing all the props, supports; the crowd is disapearing farther and farther away; he is being left alone. Suddenly there is darkness and there is fear. He has never been trained, disciplined for being alone. And that is the function of meditation. No therapy is complete without meditation, because only meditation can give him his lost roots, his strength of being an individual. There is nothing to fear. But the conditioning is that you have to be afraid of each moment, each step.

The whole humanity lives in paranoia. This humanity could have lived in paradise; it is living in hell. So help the person to understand that this is nothing to be worried about, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is a created fear. Every child is born ferless. He can play with snakes with no fear, the child has no idea of fear or death or anything. Meditation brings the person back to his childhood. He is reborn.

So help the person to understand why the fear exists. Make it clear that it is a phony phenomenon, imposed upon him: “So there is no need to be worried: In this situation you can go crazy. Don’t be afraid. Enjoy that for the first time you have a situation in which you can be crazy and yet not condemned but loved, respected.” And the group has to respect the person, love the person–he needs it, and he will cool down. And he will come out of the fear with a great freedom, with great stamina, strength, integrity.”

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Peace & Love Always,

❤ B

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