Kick your fear to the curb

Today, I came to a realization.

I decided that it’s absolutely insane to NOT do something (you want to do) because you’re afraid. Afraid of looking stupid, afraid of being out of your comfort zone, afraid that you’ll be seen as weird or stupid or ugly.

Fear is a funny thing. I’ve learned in my 26 years that most of my fears arise from insecurity. Insecurities I didn’t even realize I had! For instance. I’ve ALWAYS had long hair. Always. I grew up with long hair, and maintained long hair well into my twenties. People KNOW ME as “the girl with the long, curly hair.”

@ Baker Creek Seed Company, Mansfield, MO

@ Baker Creek Seed Company, Mansfield, MO

Long hair, right?

(Oh, and by the way, I love Baker Creek! The best seed supply store around. Oh, and I love to garden too!)

Okay, so back to what I was saying..For years that was my identity, “the girl with long, curly hair.” But I knew that my identity had to change sometime. (Especially since I want to grow and better myself over the course of my lifetime, it only makes sense that my identity will change too.) And It’s scary to change or even think about changing that identity we hold on to so tightly.

Whatever the reason may be, we all seem to be quite comfortable with staying the same. It’s just easier.

So my hair was my security blanket. It was what I had known. I mean I love my long hair, so why would I ever want to get rid of it? Well, I’ll tell you why: Because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but was deathly afraid of it.

Until today.

I never imagined I’d say this, but…

I got rid of my security blanket.

I did it.

I cut my hair.

This is HUGE for me. You may or may not realize just how attached I was to my hair, but let me tell you- I was really attached. It took me about 6 weeks to mull over (realistically) even the idea of wearing my hair short. Six weeks! I finally made the call. And now, my hair. is. short.

Just take a look for yourself!


I really love it! And it’s not because I think it makes me look sexy or beautiful, or attract more attention.


I love it because it’s a true testament to me conquering a true fear of mine. It’s a bold statement of how I totally and wholly faced up to my fear. And to tell you the truth, I’m feeling pretty awesome.

I’m basically a warrior woman now.

And it’s exciting too! Because, I mean, if I can conquer this fear, that leads me to believe that I can conquer just about any fear I want. Any fear I believe I can conquer, I’ll be right. I can do anything I believe I can do. And so can you. You can do anything you want to do when you believe you can.

So try and think about your personal insecurities. The big ones, the small ones.

Once you can identify your insecurity, you’ll be much closer to defeating it. And I’ll tell you from personal experience…the only way I’ve been able to overcome my personal insecurities (fears) is to meet them head on.

A great first step is to just try identifying your biggest insecurities. Next, one by one, you can work towards meeting them with understanding. Try to truly understand what you’re afraid of. Attempt to figure out, deep down, why you fear that particular aspect of life.

Then, do something about it.

Do exactly what you’re so afraid of. (Okay, so maybe not EVERYTHING can be applied if you are afraid of dying, please don’t go out and kill yourself. Seriously, be smart about this! I am not condoning physical death. But perhaps you could die in other by quieting the ego. Now that’s a tough one. If you try that out, let me know how it goes!)

In closing, here’s my challenge to you:

Start on the path to conquering one fear right now. (I’m extremely serious when I say this; If you don’t start now, when will you?)

In the comments below, feel free to tell me that one big insecurity you want to own up to right now. We can all be accountability partners on this! Let’s all work together on our goal to kicking fear to the curb and conquering it once and for all!

And as always:

Peace & Love to you all, my dear friends.

I love you,

One thought on “Kick your fear to the curb

  1. I know exactly what you mean and how you feel baby girl. You will always look beautiful too, no matter what you do because your goodness on the inside reflects the person you are on the outside. Character and Class I must say! Love you always “Daddio”

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