Your heart, your biggest asset


(Thank you Adyson Bradbury for taking a perfect photo for me last minute, you’re the greatest. ❤ you!)

Sometimes it’s scary to love with our whole hearts. It’s risky. It can be uncomfortable. It puts you at risk for getting hurt, but also for truly loving with your whole being.

Like I said, it’s scary.

If you’re anything like me, it comes completely natural for you to open your heart, let everyone (and everything) in, and give of yourself wholly and completely. People, like us, just love to love! We feel good when we love.

To love and to receive love requires vulnerability. And along with vulnerability comes with it hurt, pain, and disappointment. I know, for me, I can literally feel what I call ‘love energy’ running through my veins when I am connected with others on a deeper level. And on the flip side, something that feels like poison runs through my body when I get hurt. When I feel lonely. When I’m scared, or confused. I feel physical pains, and they get really intense at times. I’m not quite sure if this makes me weird, or abnormal, but maybe others feel this too (and it’s not pleasant.)

Sometimes I wish I could just lose the ability to feel. It seems like my life is controlled by my feelings, and I make many decisions based on them daily. This makes me quite spontaneous at times, but also quite rash as well. Both have their place in life, but I’ve gotten some great outcomes from distancing myself from my emotions, therein gaining the ability to think logically about a situation, (then make a better decision based on logic, and not feelings.)

If I never felt, I’d never get hurt. But I’d also never know what it is to truly love either. It’s a hard balance: to feel, but not too much.

I was talking to an old friend of mine last week, Jessie, and found out that she is a lot like me. She thinks with her heart. Her opinion is that people like us (people with BIG hearts) were put here to show others how to love. To show others that love really is at the root of all things, and that our hearts just might be our biggest asset. And I think she’s right.

The tough part about our hearts being our biggest asset is that they are, at the same time, our biggest weakness too. Since we feel so much, and so often, we tend to be quite sensitive, wearing our hearts on our sleeve and allowing our environment to affect us in such a huge way.

If you’re a person who thinks with your heart, just know that you’re not alone. That’s another insight from my friend. She told me that I’m not alone. And I’m not.

And you’re not either.

There are others who are right there with you, feeling your pain and grief. Feeling your victories and triumphs. Life is a constant struggle of keeping balance. A lot of times our greatest strength will be our greatest weakness.

Try and find the balance in your strengths, knowing that you’re not alone in this effort to strike that perfect balance. Keep in mind that you’re not alone in life. There are others who are going through the same things you are. There are others who have been where you are now, (and they’re still alive!) and are much stronger and wiser because of their experiences.

Try to find the joy in where you are now. This moment won’t last forever, so take all that you can from it because it will be gone before you know it.

Storms can only survive so long before they move on, allowing the sun to peek it’s loving arms out from behind the clouds. So today, allow yourself to feel. And to love. And to thrive. Keep striving to find your balance.

I love you.

Peace and Love to you my friend, I’ll see you on the other side 🙂

❤ Brittany

P.S. As promised in my latest blog post from last week, here’s the link to the imperfect open-mic night video of me and my brother on my new YouTube Channel. There’s not much to my channel yet, but I’ll be posting more videos in the near future. To receive all the latest updates, don’t be afraid to subscribe! 🙂

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