It’s amazing how much your life can change in just one day

Dwight Schrute is a crazy nut. If you’ve never watched the television show The Office, I highly recommend it. I love that show! And Dwight. Ha, he makes me laugh my pants off! So he has this quote that goes something like this: “It really is amazing how your life can change in just one day.” It’s in season 9 episode 21. (Watch it. You won’t be sorry!)

This quote is hilarious in context (again, you’ll have to watch to know what happens!) but Dwight’s really got a point here. In one day, your life can change in tremendous ways. You find a new love. You find out someone you love has passed on. You realize just how big of a mistake you made, or rather, you finally realize just how amazing you are.

Yesterday was a HUGE day for me. I met up with a girl I had met only once before. I followed her blog, and I thought she was pretty cool- you know, she liked some of the same things I liked, enjoyed some of the activities I enjoyed- So I was excited to meet her over coffee when the opportunity arose to do so.

Little did I realize…this would be the beginning of the rest of my life.

So for those of you who must know, her name is Kimberly. What a beautiful name. And what a beautiful heart. She has rocked my world!


(She’s on the left!)

Kimberly is a life coach. And she is awesome at what she does. We met to chat over coffee about life and I left with the confidence to conquer the world!

And I’m doing it now, as we speak. (In my own way, of course. We can all conquer our own worlds! I take no dibs on conquering your world for you 🙂 You can have it!)

She has inspired me to do what I want, no matter what. She has given me actual tools to use in my personal life to help me achieve more by recognizing my thoughts, thought patterns, and how I act because of them.

Underneath it all, our lives- our successes, & our failures- lie our thoughts. They’re always with us, behind the scenes. Sometimes we don’t even realize. They control our lives. They control how we react to things. They control how we perceive our world and what we do in the world we call ours.

Kimberly reminded me of this.

She reminded me to:

  • Do what I want.
  • Be my own best friend.
  • Do more things by myself, because why not? I’m the coolest person I could dream of spending time with! (I like all my favorite things, I enjoy all my favorite foods..)
  • Be more independent (that’s a huge one for me. I’m not as independent as I want to be!)
  • Stop asking for permission in my own life.
  • Make my own decisions, regardless of what other people want me to do, regardless of what other people think.
  • Build myself up.
  • Be amazing.
  • Love myself and cherish just being me.

And that’s not even the half of it, friends. We were at the coffee shop for an hour and look how many take-aways I left with!

I love this girl. She’s perceiving and she’s understanding. She listens (intently to my every word.) She’s basically someone I’d love to partner with for life-as a colleague, a life coach, and most importantly as a friend. She truly rocked my world yesterday, and I plan to be blown away by her again in my immediate future.

I chose her as a life coach, as a counselor, as a partner in crime, as a life long friend who’s got my back no matter what.

If you’d love for someone to shake the fear out of you, to inspire you (and give you the tools) to become the best version of yourself possible, and to give you a clear vision and practical steps to achieve your wildest dreams, then contact Kimberly today. She would love to meet you!

My life changed drastically in just one day. And I know yours can too.

So…Action steps to take to change your destiny:

1.) Email Kimberly (

2) Tell her (in your email) that you’d like to take her up on her limited-time offer to do a free coaching session.

3.) And…that’s basically it!

I promise you your life will drastically improve, from just one meeting with her. Oh, and don’t forget to mention that Brittany Marley sent you! (She will do a free session with you!) 🙂 Yippee!!

❤ I love you!

Peace & Love,

Check out her cool Facebook page and Blog:

Kimberly’s Facebook Page
Kimberly’s Blog-(Get to know her better)
–Kimberly’s Email Address:

Go now and change your life!

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