Where I’m supposed to be


So truth be told..

I’m feeling pretty awesome.

Right now, in this moment, cloud bazillion.

And I love it.

I’m coffee’d up, I’m going after my goals, I’m putting all my ducks in their proverbial rows.

I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. And in fact, (in my journey through life,) I truly am exactly where I need to be. (And you are too.)

And what a relief that is!

For me, I compare it to being in a foreign country. You’ve got a destination in mind and you’re waiting for your bus to come. You don’t know anyone. You don’t speak the language. Everything is foreign to you. You’re just sitting at the bus stop. Waiting.

You notice the time is getting later, and…no bus.

You tell yourself, “It will be here any second!”

But you really don’t know. You can’t know for sure.

You start freaking out. You wonder if the bus is simply late, or if you missed the bus all together. Or worse, what if you read your ticket wrong? What if you’re in the wrong place?!

You check your ticket. You reassure yourself you’re where you need to be.

But you’re nervous. (Insert my internal dialogue here: “What if this? And what if that? And if this and that happens, then that means that!”)


And then..

It shows up.

The bus shows up! It has finally arrived!

What a relief! No second-guessing. No mental freak-outs. Just you, in the moment, realizing you’re in the right place. You’re okay. You’re going to make it.

Life is funny sometimes. At times you’re in the deepest dark hole of despair.

And anguish.

And pain.

You feel like you might just, well, bleed out. Life is looking pretty bleak and you feel there’s not much hope left for you. You feel horrible.

But at other times, you feel amazing. You are on fire! In the air. Soaring so high, shooting through the clouds.

And it’s thrilling! And you’re happy! Everything’s working out in your favor. It’s effortless.

This is just life. We’ve all got our ups, we’ve all got our downs. And we’ve got to take both as they come and do our best at responding to situations in a positive way.

You can feel awesome more often, but you must be purposeful in your actions. It takes doing the hard work, setting the vision for your life-and going after your true passions to get to floating. Floating up, up, up and away into the atmosphere. Where time is no boundary.

Where you are safe. And loved. And happy. And succeeding. You’re really doing it!

Like a feather in the wind, you’re carried off to a better place.

And all the while you know, you created that place, and you know it well.

So here’s my challenge to you and my challenge for myself: Set some goals, find your passions by going after what you want, and do what you really want in life.

If you don’t know what that looks like, (what it is you really want), then go and figure it out! Go hang out at a coffee house with a notebook and a pencil and get to writing. Title your page “What do I Want?” and go from there.

Then take it back.

Take your freaking life back!

I love you.

Peace & Love,

❤ Brittany

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