Being “on time” (funny story)


Funny story.

So I’m headed to a tea date to meet with two of my most favorite girl-friends.

I leave my house “extra early” so that I won’t be late.

I HATE being late. —-> I think it might stem from being so late as a child everywhere we went with my family. We just couldn’t be on time to anything! And it stressed me out. Like really bad. Plus, I don’t want people to think I’m irresponsible or unreliable. I like to be seen as a ‘good person.’

So anyway, I’m driving.

Checking the clock, making sure that I know where I’m going, how to get there, and that I’ll be early to meet my friends.

Well, I arrive about 5 minutes early in the parking lot. I start scrambling to get all of my things gathered up in order to go inside, and then I stopped.

I asked myself: “Why am I in such a rush? What’s the worst thing that could happen if I were exactly on time? What’s the worst thing that could happen if I were late? And does it really mean that I’m a ‘bad person’ if I am running a bit late?”

I chose something right then, in that moment.

“I’m going to CHOOSE to be late! Like at least 3 minutes, but maybe even 5! YES. I can do this.”

So you know what I did?

I put my stuff back in the seats.

Buckled up.

Then drove off.

I drove around, checking out the amazing beauty the morning had for me. I drove through the streets of the town, watching how the sun kissed the sides of buildings in the most interesting places. The golden sunlight was simply magical.


I see all that I miss out on by believing the thought “I can’t be late. I’ll be seen as a bad person.”

I miss out on peace of mind. I miss out on joy. On laughter. Watching people move through the streets at a simple pace. No worries. No rush. Just living life, with no expectations.

I love life when I take time to notice just how beautiful it really is.

So I look down at the time. 10:03am.

I did it. I am late. I AM SOOOOO LATE!!

I started giggling to myself. That turned into extreme laughter. Laughter at how goofy I must look laughing. Alone. In my car right now. But also a laughter of the fact that I take life too damn seriously sometimes (A LOT) and about how ridiculous I am.

I am totally ridiculous.

It’s fun to laugh. It feels good. The heart lightens. It’s playful. The body feels like it could float up up up and away. Into the atmosphere.

I love it.

So I park my car.

I get out. Walk up to the tea shop.

I’m late. My friends are going to be wondering where I am. I’m just late, that’s all.

So I open the doors, and..


I’m the first one in the tea shop.

What is going on? I look on the schedule again.

“Tea date with friends — 10:00am. Check. Savoy Tea shop. Check. Well, looks like my friends decided to be late too! I’ll just wait for them here.”

I wait. And wait. I check my phone for messages.


I check my email. Ah, okay. Now we’re getting somewhere.

I get a message. Everyone is meeting at..wait. Am I seeing this correctly, 10:30am?

And I laugh. Once again.

What a funny day. What an experience.

Lesson for the day: “Don’t take life so damn seriously.”

Allow yourself to find the joy in the moment. Stop worrying about the future.

Stop worrying about what other people think about you. (That’s a tough one for me.)

And most of all, find your laughter today. Laugh at yourself.

Make time for more playfulness and fun.


And as always, you know that I love you.

You’re amazing. And beautiful. You are kind.

You deserve kindness and laughter and playfulness in your life, so start today by giving it to yourself! You won’t be sorry.

With much love and gratitude from my heart to yours,
❤ Brittany

2 thoughts on “Being “on time” (funny story)

  1. Nice story bebes…lol….goes to show you that there is a time, place, and reason for everything even if it doesn’t seem logical or right. Btw, I think it’s good to drive around the block every now and then and not get in a hurry. Unpleasant things usually happen when we go to fast….we usually get out of control, or make a wrong turn.. ha ha. Keep smelling the coffee and writing good thoughts. “God bless” Love Daddio

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