Magical moments


Warm summer night. Earth beneath my body.

Holding me.

Open. Aware. I listen.

Crickets singing the sun to sleep.

Flashes of golden magic in the air.

A cool breeze.


Deep thought. Getting lost now. Going ever deeper.

A bright light. In the corner of my eye.

Nature’s calling me.

It motions. Signals. For my attention.

I come back. To life.

Consciously aware now.

No longer in my story.

Resistance never lasting.


For the magical creatures. Most magnificent creations.

I am here now. We are one.

Nature has a way about itself. I sat on the ground one evening. Feet planted in the earth.


Totally present.

But not completely.

Mind deeply attached to thought. Conversations long passed. Words that linger on.


Emotions stirring within me.

I became unconscious. Not the kind of unconsciousness that puts me to sleep or in a coma. I’m talking about becoming so deeply attached to thoughts in my mind that I wasn’t experiencing the beauty that life had to offer in that exact moment.

A firefly. Charges itself up brightly within an inch of my left eye. I look up.

I wake up.

Nature calls us when we need it most. Sometimes we listen. And other times not.

I look up and I see magic.

I was missing out on the light show.

The sunset.

And all the magical moments in-between.

Life is stirring all around us. We hardly take the time to notice.

Find the magic in today. Find where life stirs in your life. Notice. Be grateful. You’ll never have this moment again. Each moment is precious. Don’t miss out on your moments.

After all, moments are what make up our lives.

Be in love with your life. Cherish it. It will pass one day. At least that’s what they tell me.

Never miss a moment, never miss out on life.

I love you. I am so extremely grateful for your life. Your soul. Your essence.

You are beautiful. You are cherished.

Find the magic in your moments. And live a magical life.

With love, gratitude, and all those beautiful emotions in-between,
❤ Brittany

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