A new take on “Finding” your life’s purpose


What’s your life’s purpose? Do you know?

I grew up being told that I had to ‘figure’ out my life’s purpose. I was told we all had one, and that each of us is here on earth for a specific reason. I was told that we’re all different and that we all have different life-purposes for how we are supposed to live our lives, and I wanted to figure out mine.

But how do I even think to go about that? What does a life-purpose look like? And how am I supposed to just figure it out?

I literally spent years trying to find out who I was, why I was here, and what on earth I was supposed to do with my life. After all, we should know by the time we’re ‘adults’–right?

Well maybe not just like that. There may be a different truth. (But you can decide for yourself what you want to believe.)

So I just recently read a quote somewhere in a book, a blog, or an article about a new way to look at our life’s purpose. Something that helps take the anxiety out of my life a bit. And the quote went something like this:

“We don’t ‘figure out’ our life’s purpose, we choose it.”

That means, that basically, we can have ANY life’s purpose imaginable! We can create, and re-create, choose, change our minds, recalibrate, then know for sure, without a doubt that this is going to be my life’s purpose from now on.

And you know what I believe?

I believe YES! All the way.

I believe very strongly that we will all continuously learn, and grow, and evolve. I believe that yes, we all DO have purpose.

But that it may not be just one.

I believe that in each and every moment, our life’s purpose is different.

For example, when I’m with my cat, my purpose is to be just that….with my cat. To take care of her needs in that moment. To love on her. To kiss on her. To play with her. To sit on her. (Wait, what?!) šŸ™‚

Perhaps today my purpose will be to just sit still with her and watch her dream those sweet kitty dreams. But it changes throughout the day. Throughout each moment.

My purpose around my cat is ever-changing, and will always be that way.

Just like everything else.

Nothing stays the same. Nothing is permanent.

And that includes who we are now, verses who we will be 10 years from now.

Alongside our physical changes, comes mental changes. Changes in perspective. Our opinions change. Our identities change.

I think it would be silly to believe that our “life’s purpose” wouldn’t change as well. Or at least shift into a deeper or slightly different truth, don’t you think?

So, Id like to ask you again:

Today, in this moment, what is your life’s purpose? Do you know? Can you choose? (Keep in mind that your answer can be more than one!)

I challenge you today to be more aware. Be present. Be mindful.

Think about who you really are, and who you are supposed to be.

Think about what you were placed in this moment for, and what your role is within it.

And then do the thing you choose.

Do the best that you can.

And then move on into your next moment.


Life is a constant shift.

The leaves of time are changing color.

What color will you choose?

I love you so much! I am so extremely grateful you stopped by. I’m here for you, whatever you need. Contact me, message me, comment below, whatever. I’d love to hear from you!! ā¤

With intense and purposeful love & joy,
ā¤ Brittany

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