Glistening in the sunshine

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She catches my eye.

Poor little thing, fluttering her wings in a desperate attempt to turn over.

To fly away.

But she doesn’t. She can’t.

My heart.

I go to the table.

Hold out my finger.

“Ahh, safety,” she tells me.

My arms are filled with towels just folded.

I hurriedly place them onto the floor.

Baby needs to go home. Outside.

Fresh air awaits her. Nourishment.

I open the door. Cradle her in my hands.

I care so deeply for this creature, and we’ve only just met.

My heart grows bigger.

I place her onto a blade of grass.

She’s having a hard time. Fluttering those wings as fast as they can possibly go.

Slipping and fumbling around.

I place my finger out again.

“Ahh, safety. Thank you,” she tells me again.

I cradle her in my hands once more.

I search frantically for a safe place to deliver my new friend.

She’s so beautiful.

I’ve never seen anything like this before.

I walk to the garden bed.


Too dirty, not safe enough. Sharp plant matter, stems of once blossoming life, now a harsh wasteland.

I place my hands out in front of me.


I hold her out into the sunshine.

A light breeze passes by.

Her courage finds her.

And off she goes.

Glistening in the rays of light with every movement of her wings.

“Ahh, safety.” I think to myself. “Good bye, friend. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

A bird. On a chain-link fence.


He swoops down.


“Whew!” I think.

I call out to the bird:

“No! Come on, don’t eat her!”

But it didn’t matter what I wanted.

Nature doesn’t care. Nature does what it will, because it can.

Because it has to.

And my friend was no more.

I guess that’s the irony in things.

In life.

When I try to manipulate a situation, or map out the “master plan,” I come to realize just how little say I actually DO have after all.

I love life.

I don’t take joy in watching living beings die. Disappear from my sight. Their souls no longer captivating me from within the earthly shell we all take on in this life.

Nature has a way about itself.

Am I angry at the bird? Well, maybe I was a little at first.

I saw the bird as a predator. A murderer. Mean, and evil for wanting to take the life that I felt so strongly for.

But I realized something.

We are all here for a purpose.

The purpose of my “saving a life” was to give that life to another living being, who needed that life to survive.

And the purpose of my tiny friend was to in fact GIVE her life, in order for the cycle to go on.

Just like Albert Einstein figured out many years ago: Like really does attract like.

And life GIVES life.


“You’re welcome, bird. I hope you live a long and prosperous life.”

“And to my new found friend, rest in peace you sweet soul. You are beautiful.”

Thank you friend for reading! Feel free to comment or reach out. To share whatever comes up for you while reading this. I love you.

With a ton of joy and love and life,
❤ Brittany

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