“Another cup of tea, please.” (Part 3)

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This post is a continuation from an earlier post, “Another cup of tea, please.” (Part 1).

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So you remember how I said that I have somehow deluded myself into believing that each and every moment can be perfect?

Well, the truth is that every moment IS in fact perfect. (Perhaps just not my idea of perfect.)


Because, you see?

Perfection is in a flower.

She is created just the way it she supposed to be.

And she does her job beautifully.


She grows. She buds up and blossoms. She synthesizes the sunlight. Creates her own food.

Eats and grows.

Finding contentment in “just being.”

Feeling the light breeze.

The warm sunlight.

Sometimes the rain falls and it’s painful, but the rain always ends eventually.

But the flower knows that!

And she stays strong through it all.

She knows the sun will come out again one day. And that she will be okay.

She’s delighted to give of herself fully to those who notice her existence. Her radiant beauty.

She is happy.


“BUT!” you might say, “That’s TOO SIMPLE!”

“It can’t be that simple!”

Oh but it is.

And once we are able to come to this realization, and to truly see the perfection and beauty in every living thing..

It is there that we find the innermost joy and fulfillment. In that very moment.

Happiness doesn’t come from THINGS. Or OTHER PEOPLE.

It comes from within.

We come to notice that it is within the simplest things in life, that we can find perfection. Find lasting joy and fulfilment.

The flower is perfect.

Just “being.” No effort required.

I later chatted with an old friend. “Its a journey,” he says. “The only thing I can promise you about this life, is that things always change.”

That’s a tough one for me to accept. Change is uncertain. It’s uncomfortable. Yet, without it, we become dead. Dull. Bored.

That’s why we become so beautiful when we start learning.

Learning how to deal with change. To change our perspective. To put an end to creating our own personal hell and prison within our minds. (Which, in turn, creates our own suffering.)

When we start learning to be self-compassionate. To comfort ourselves. To allow others to help us when we need it.

To take personal responsibility for our feelings and emotions. To be strong and wise enough to know when to take a time out, when to speak words of kindness — to others, but most importantly ourselves.

I keep learning that we’re not always given what we want, but what we need.

And may we strive to be mindful of that. May we strive to be grateful. For everything that we experience in life.

We’re here to grow. To sharpen one another. And we’re not alone. We’re not alone in the struggle. The struggle to find balance within our lives, within ourselves.

So happiness? Like TRUE, DEEP, AMAZINGLY ABUNDANT happiness?

It’s found from within.

Quiet the mind. Allow yourself to just “be.”

Allow happiness to flow from the soul.

Thank you for reading. I hope I’ve been able to help or inspire you in some way.

If there’s another way that I can add value to your life, please let me know!

Reach out, ask questions. I reply to every comment. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

With all the love and joy a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

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