From freedom to suffering: A personal story

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Both this morning and yesterday have been extremely stressful, emotional, dampened, low-energy, and negative days for me.

I’ve been worrying.

About money. About life.

Just not clear on my purpose.

Forgetting and not practicing all that I know. I got out of some positive mental habits. Became unconscious.

Sad. Lonely. Depressed. Anxious. Pressured. Stressed. Tense. Angry. Unhappy.

Of course, there were moments when I would be present. Able to find the magic and happiness in the moment – – but not for long.

It’s like I kept reverting back to my old, standard, bad mental habits.

My mental space cluttered from recycled thoughts that were not serving me.

But you know, I feel like I’ve made tremendous progress today though. And caffeine helps. 😉 (Thank you Starbucks!)

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And I’ll tell you: It’s 1000% harder to have a tough and trying day when I know what it’s like to truly be free.

Free from the mind.

Free from the negativity.

Free from the overwhelming mental chatter that doesn’t serve me.

Going from absolute freedom, to being caged up within my suffering… It feels bad.

So that’s why I’m writing you today. Even the most present of us in life can lose sight of the now. Can lose sight of this magical life.

The wonder. The beauty.

May this be a message of hope.

Know that the clouds don’t hide the sun forever. Clarity comes eventually. And then you’re back in the game: This absolute beautiful game of life.

Constantly cycling. Up and down. Finding our balance.

So let me ask you: Where are you now? Could you use some balance in your life?

I love you.

I’m here for you.

I hope this message can help you bounce back to greatness. To happiness. To absolute inner joy and peace.

With more joy and love and dedication to living life to the fullest,
❤ Brittany

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