The moment of realization


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Just sitting in my chair.

Gorgeous morning.

The breeze flows through the leaves on trees swaying back and forth in one constant motion.

The sun is slightly diminished by the clouds, as if some filter were covering it.

And I sit.

In my chair.

Bundled up in the warmest clothes I could find – gloves and all. A fleece blanket swadling my legs.

I breathe deeply.


and out.

A thought about work pops into my mind, so I allow the thoughts to take up space there, to go where they will. I never know where they’ll lead me, but they generally give me much needed perspective of where I am so far in life and how to get to where I’m going.

I start to think of all the people I work with.

And as I sit here breathing the fresh autumn air that is so abundant in this moment, I become aware of something: I have the ability to connect with each and every person I work with.

Every one of them!

But not only that, the biggest realization will come later. After those thoughts pass. I start feeling lighter.

Because for so many years I have been getting down on myself for not mastering something. Just one thing. Something that I am known for.

I feel sometimes that I am behind or failing somehow in life because I have dabbled in so many things, never focusing on just one area of life. Or work, especially.

And here’s what became the fuel of this post: The biggest realization is that I was supposed to just dabble. In LOTS of things! Because in doing so, I now have the ability to connect on so many different levels with so many different kinds of people!

(So there IS a method to the madness after all..) 🙂

And I am known for something – for positively affecting each person I come into contact with. For inspiring those around me. Loving unconditionally with my whole heart – living a life of compassion.

So let’s try again: Failure?

I think not.

I’m just where I need to be. In fact we ALL are!

I’m doing what I need to do. And I trust that I’ll continue to keep listening, doing what I feel led to do in every moment.

So how about you? What thoughts fill your mind?

I challenge you to dig deep and examine them.

To be present.

To put down the phone. Turn off the T.V. Just sit in silence for a change.

Watch your thoughts. Be consciously aware of them. After all, you may be surprised at what you’ll find. 😉

Thanks so much for reading!

I love you.

I hope this message inspires you to greatness 🙂

With all the energy and joy a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

Getting real

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Okay guys.

This is a completely random rant on life, finding inspiration, and getting real.

I’m writing this and publishing it.

No waiting a week to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. No more nonsense.

I’m tired of putting things off, waiting until things are “ready.”

This post will be “ready” as soon as I stop writing it.

It won’t be perfect.

And I’m okay with that.

If you find errors, feel free to shoot me over a note, and I can edit them.

But for now, I’m just going to write. And then publish.

Heck, maybe I won’t even have a perfect photo for this post. Or maybe I’ll find one just in the nick of time.

But I’m not worried about it. Because it’s the message that is more meaningful than the presentation anyway.

So here goes nothing:

What I want so badly to express today are feelings of getting real with ourselves.

This morning I had a few huge revelations, and I’d love to share them with you. If you hate them, fine. If you love them, that’s fine too. Feel free to quit reading at anytime.

I might offend you. Or maybe not.

But whatever the case, you have free reign to do what you want. Because you are free to make your own decisions. As am I.

Which is why I’m writing this right now.

To you.

To the world.

You see, I want to change my life.

I want my life to be an exact representation of what I feel inside.

What I believe to be true.

I want so badly to make the best difference in the world possible while I’m alive.

While I’m here on this earth.

The truth is that we all die someday.

And I’m growing more and more okay with that everyday.

We all have the same fate.

We’re born, and then we die.

The difference between you and me is what we both do with our time while we are here.

And I want MY time to be one of service, dedication, inspiration, positivity, love, devotion, excitement, adventure, vulnerability, happiness, expression of my true self.

Deep down in my bones I just KNOW that I’m here for a purpose.

A purpose to help people.

To be real. Genuine.

Kind. Thoughtful. Hard-working. Doing more for others than for myself. And being more than okay with that.

Allowing my service to others to ignite the flame of joy in my heart. My soul.

I want to know something:

“Who is bold enough to not only WANT, but is actually WILLING to create change in their life?”

(Whether about health, making a difference, building a business, getting a job, writing well, becoming a better reader, getting better grades in school, getting fit, becoming an artist, playing a musical instrument, travel, whatever!)

I sure haven’t been taking the steps to making my dreams become a reality.

There’s always some excuse. I ALWAYS have an excuse as to why *today* isn’t the day.

And why tomorrow will be better.

And then it’s not.

I’m ready to do this people.

No more crying and doing nothing about it. No more wishing and hoping some magic pill will finally work this time.

What it’s going to take is actually DOING THE WORK.

There are no short-cuts to lasting success.

What it takes is doing the right things. Making good decisions about what to eat, what to do, what to accomplish today, and when, and WHY.

What it takes is persistence.

Keeping our eyes on the goal. And knowing what our goal even IS!

Knowing and truly believing that even when the going gets hard, even when we feel like giving up–that if we want it bad enough it WILL happen.

Our dreams WILL come true.

But we must first believe. (We must!)

If anyone else can do something, so can WE. Period.

They’re only human too.

Even if they’d like to believe differently themselves, or have YOU think so too, they’re NOT superman. And they WON’T come and save you.

In fact, NOBODY is coming to save you.

Nobody is going to do it FOR YOU.

There will be guides. There will be inspiration and gifts from the universe (or God) along the way, but ultimately it comes down to this:

*What do you want?
*What plan will you create?
*And how will you take the action (that is necessary) to really MAKE it happen?

Simple as that.

Doing what it TAKES. (and a lot of times it’s not EASY.)

No hoping here. Just trying different things until it works.

No baby started walking after he/she fell a couple of times. The baby kept trying. And not for days, for weeks! Months! However long it takes! Because that was the goal.

So the baby keeps going until that goal is achieved. And then takes on a newer goal…like running, biking, dreaming.

So my challenge to us as humans with goals that are bigger than ourselves, that we’ve never gone after before is this:

Keep trying!

Persist damnit!

BELIEVE in yourself! (And then others will too.)

Take responsibility for your actions!


Stop trying to be someone you’re not. Be yourself.

Stop trying to “fit in.” It’s not cool.

But what IS cool, is dreaming.

Is allowing yourself to fail miserably. And to be okay with that.

To laugh at yourself. To laugh with others.

To actually have an idea and make it a reality.

To truly GO after what you want in this life!

Because after all…we only live once. We are alive today. And all we have is THIS MOMENT.

And what are we going to do with it?

What am I going to do with my time here on planet earth?

How will I make a difference? A positive difference in the lives of others?

What can I bring to the world that is special?

Each and every one of us has something to offer the world. And all we have to do is DECIDE what that is. What it looks like. And then DO IT!

Simple as that!

We don’t have to “figure it out” because our purpose NOW is our purpose NOW. And our purpose in 5 years might be completly different! And it’s perfect. And it’s real. And it’s ever-changing.

We are ever-changing.

I love you.

So make the decision today what your purpose is going to be. And then live it. Because you DO only live once. And what you have to offer the world is exactly what the world needs.

DSC_0042 copy

We need you.

So step up and show yourself.

(And know that I’ll be right here with my heart wide open.)

Thank you so much for reading today. I know this is a long post, but I need it to get out to the world. This is MY purpose. And I hope I can inspire you in some way to decide on yours. And then live it.

Feel free to comment below with any thoughts, questions, ideas, whatever.

I’ll be here waiting. And I’ll reply. Because I want to. Because I care.

Now go and have an AMAZING life!! All we have is now.

So ENJOY it while you can.

With forever love and joy and light in my heart,
❤ Brittany