Dream or No Dream?

Just a little rant about living life to the fullest..


Chatting with my husband this morning and talking things through with him helped me to realize a lot about what I am currently valuing more in my life. I mean, I’ve been thinking on it a lot and coming to my own conclusions, but actually “talking it out” makes things a lot more clear. Vivid. Real.

I’ve been in this constant struggle of “Should I say yes to the ‘secure’ job or say yes to my free spirit and creative drive?” I’ve been trying to tackle both, the jobs (I’m currently working 2) and then feeding my spirit on the side.

But the thing is, that I have this “thing” about being a ‘perfectionist’ so, that tends to leave me with a work-a-holic lifestyle. Gotta’ be sure I get all boxes checked, and do an AMAZING job, going above and beyond the call of duty.

That’s just the way I roll. I know I don’t HAVE to do that, but I believe in doing my best, so that’s what I do.

This basically means that I have no energy nor time left over to feed the creative side of myself. The business ideas, goals, ambitions, etc.

So over the past year I’ve been asking myself on a consistent basis this simple question: “What do I want?”

And each time, the answers vary, but the underlying principles remain true. Want to know what I want? Read on if so.

So, basically, getting to the most basic level of my true desires here is what Brittany wants:

1. Love & Connection: To be in full connection with the earth and all living things/beings on this planet. To love fully in every form of the word.

2. Freedom: To do what I want, when I want to, knowing that I’m living in my truth all the while.

3. Adventure: To have fun and see new things. To LEARN constantly.

4. Spontaneity: To hop on a train one weekend and go into some new place that I’ve never been..because damn it, it just sounds great! And…Why NOT?!

5. Challenge: To NOT get complacent, nor too comfortable..a comfortable life is not what I’m after. Give me something to work towards!!

6. Risk-taking: To do what I’ve never done before. Break the boundaries. To “go there” emotionally. To be vulnerable. To help others in the process.

7. Comfort: To be able to eat and sleep and be healthy…to get my hierarchy of needs met in order to CREATE the life I’m proud of living, one that sets my soul ON FIRE!

8. Creation: To create something of value for myself as well as for others. To improve the world I live in by being my best, and creating an atmosphere of love and passion and positive radiance.

9. Contribution: To help others. To heal, nourish and love in the deepest sense of the word.

So that’s it.

I mean, I want to cultivate a life filled with meaning. And life. And love. Celebrating the ups, the downs, and all the in-betweens..(because we know there are a lot of those!)

So where to go from here?

Who knows. I think I know. Just not sure what it “looks” like yet.

I feel kind of like Andy Bernard from The Office. The episode where he’s deciding “Dream, or no dream?”

I think I may just be “goin’ with my dream..”

Until later,

P.S. I love you ❤

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