Ter paciência


Patience, patience, patience.

Breath, breath, breath.

Focus, focus, focus.

Healing still remains.

Rest, rest, rest.

My body still needs rest.

The itch to go and

do, do, do

I fight with every step.

Music, healing music


Fill the air

Go outside

And ah, fresh breath

Can breathe without a care.

Who is out there?

What is this all for?

Does it even truly matter

If in a moment

It could all be gone?

Emotions toss up

They turn all about

Learning to lean in with a lot of grace

Tossing and turning

About in this life

To figure out, what is my place?

Tuning in

And turning on

To all that there is to know

And experience

About myself and

that of life

It all can be quite confusing at times

And for that

We have the light

For the light, it shows

The truth

Which now grows

Into all that was and is becoming

For is there life out there?

We may never know

Until then

We’ll just have to be 


❤ Momma B

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