Our gift


All that was
And all that is to come
Lies here in this moment
For In this moment
we are one

All that lies before us
From the beginning
To this very day

The sun shall shine upon us
And begin to show us all
our way

In this full moon time
It’s our destiny
To shine

To give away what’s yours
To help discover
What is mine

And just as the wind passes
Passes on
As it will be

It holds us all together
Connecting you
To me

May the light of sweet dear lua
Shine down upon you
This very night

For in this moment
A mystery
Spirit birt must take
His flight

But make no mistake
This mystery
Of all that is to behold

Helps you and I to discover
All that glitters is not

For the truest energy
Is our essence
Woven into the patterns
That lie

Here deep inside
Of our lives
The false we leave
To die

For death is the greatest mystery of them all
Death is truly
just a phase

A transition at will
When we can be still

And allow ourselves
To be truly held

In this earth home
into our heaven

This moment now
My head it shall bow
For our gift is truly the present.



I love you,
❤ Momma B

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