Hard to breathe


Finding it hard to breathe
In this moment

Feels as if all the worlds
Have crashed

Daily I feel this

The time it’s a passin’
I can see it through her eyes

Pains I feel
The grieving
It’s a constant process
All the good times
Are here

And gone
In a flash

I know soon
Off in the distance
More moments are to come
Perhaps I’m already
In one

And yet
There is still a twinge
Of sadness
Knowing that this
Moment too
Is fading

Into the past as a new moment

Breathes new air
And cool

This autumn air
I feel now as i type on this keyboard
Brings me waves of coziness and bliss

All the while

An underlying energy of
And pain

Because what once was
Will never be again

Being human

A lot of times really
If we’re exiting one painful reality
Another is just upon us

Life is full of problems
To be solved
To be felt
To be experienced

They make us stronger
More courageous
Test our boundaries
Bring us empathy

It’s still difficult
To process
At times

To be with all the is-ness
Of this life

Just wanna be held

I know that the passing
Of the days
Makes them even more meaningful
In ways

So that leads me to
More boldly say
To make every moment
Of every day
And matter

It’s the only way

To move through this life
Live with no regrets
To always do what’s right
To always live our best

Our best truly is good enough
It will look different daily
This is true

So if you’re ever finding it
Hard to breathe

Keep breathing
See this moment through

It may feel tough
There will be waves
Of pain

And when we lean deeply
In it
We’ll experience
And love it all the

I love you.

You’re doing great.

Keep your chin up.

Be in this moment now.

Ground in.

Look around.


The world need you now.

❤ Momma B

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