I can do it ALL “MYSELF!”


Hey there again, it’s me.

The achiever.

The “winner.”

The “can-do-it-all by MYSELF!”

And I caught her this time.

It’s so funny.

How much our egos really want that satisfaction…of doing everything..

Unique, one of a kind!

And I caught that voice today.

I caught it’s subtle voice in the background again,
telling me that I couldn’t feel proud of me
Of achieving
anything I achieved

If I received help
While achieving it.

But it’s so funny how incredibly
Outside the realm of reality
That mindset,
that thought pattern
Truly is.

I wrote today in my journal.

About how,
We are villagers.

Community dwellers
Community-driven by default.

And it’s my belief
That the society I grew up in

(at least in the United States)

Has molded my perspective
In such a way
That I feel like
I’m on this journey alone

That it’s “every man for himself.”

And if I don’t get it done right, on-time, perfect and on my own
Then somehow I’m lesser of a person
And don’t deserve to feel good
About me
Or my life as a whole.

Now, I am in no way blaming
Anyone or any thing outside of myself
For where I am today

That’s all me

I can take responsibility for my actions
Or even the lack there-of
And I am, and I do

The thing is

I DO have the opportunity
In this now moment
To have a change of heart
Of mind
Of perspective

That from this moment forward
I get to choose differently
More courageously
More consciously

About what it is I do
And perceive
And make things mean

I am so grateful for where I am today
I am so grateful for the woman I have become
And am becoming

And I declare that from this moment on
I get to fall in love with the process of
Asking for help
And receiving it

And making it mean
Something completely
And radically

Than ever before

I get to be proud of me
For being WHO I AM
Not only for what I achieve
But who I BE
in the world

And when I ask for help
And receive it

I get to make that mean
I am strong

That we are stronger

And that I am the co-creator
Of my own life

I may not have control over everything
But of what I do
Have control over

I get to LEAD
In a way like never before

And be proud of the way
I show up in my leadership

In what I say
In what I do
In who I be
In who I am becoming

So, sure, I can do it all “MYSELF!”
This is true

But I could probably do it better
With the help of someone like

We are unique life-forms.


We are ONE.

I say let’s come together
In communion
And show the world
How it’s done.

I love you.

May all of your wildest dreams come true.

❤ Momma B

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