Allow, process, FLOW

A quick note

Just to give you some insight into this post before you read this..

I woke up. 8am. Baby NOT serving as my alarm.

I felt a NEED, a DRIVE to get myself out of bed.

“Stream of consciousness writing”

–> that phrase popped into my head.

And so, I allowed.

This post is literally me, sitting on my couch, typing literally anything and everything coming up in my mind, one after the other. No edits except for some spelling errors.

I just

Zoned OUT
Tuned IN




I hope you enjoy 🙂

❤ B


Stream of consciousness writing: Take 1

Onimonipia namonapia
Onimonipia namonapia..

Mil cores


I am the mountain
The ground you stand upon
The grasses

And fresh
And dewey

I am the planter
And the planted

I am the wind and
I am the moon

I am the wolf
Cries out

I am me and
I am

Pillows and blankets
Help the days to pass by

A little more quickly
And comfortable

A gleam in your eye

Who’s eye?

I used to be shy
A little girl

Oh how the years they pass by
I let out a sigh

Of relief
Of remembrance
Of gratitude
And awe

I sigh a breath
Of relief
And release

That it’s all..

Just so magnificent
In it all


It keeps on a passin’
Us by

Don’t even have to think about it
Sometimes I cry

Deep sorrowful cries

For why does the time pass us all

So quickly?

And so slow at times
It’s all so

The mountain tops
Oh I gaze at them now

Oh how gorgeous
I see
I honor them
I bow

For there is reverence for
The man who lives in the sky

The universe that holds us
The spirits who guide

I believe I can fly
What an age old song

The birds

They do it

And we can too,
Let’s sing along

I’m so grateful for this boundless opportunity
To sit here and write

The dew
It melts
Into the earth
At my sight

The rains
And the winds
They come and go
As they please

As if by command
Or wishes
Or desires

The ivy
The mires

And walls

That we live in for years
Holding firmly
To this idea

In our minds

That we somehow deserve this
The good

And so

I continue typing
And writing this

My tongue
Drenched in thirst
And my body
Achy, tired

Boiling up some cinnamon tea
I smell smoke
A fire

Sounds tum tum tum
And song birds sing with glee

What a beautiful
And gorgeous day

To wake up
This earth
To be me.

I love you
And I love me

Let’s all choose
To set ourselves


❤ Momma B

P.S. My timer went off as soon as I pressed the period. chha-chinnnng!!! Time for some tea 😀 Until later my friends!

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